Dear Friends,
Hope you are doing well!
We wanted to give you an update about La Esperanza as well as share with you about a new projects we have launched.
After 8 years of serving children we are sad to say, that due to government instability, interference and bureaucracy we had to close our children’s home. We were transitioning into a foster care program, unfortunately the government suddenly decided not to allow us to move forward, and abruptly ordered all the children to be taken from their foster families and sent to another institution. We did everything we could to fight this but in the end we had to adhere to a judge's order.
We are all deeply saddened by this tragic turn of events. Adoptions are almost non-existent in Ecuador and there is no current foster care program in the country. We were hoping to develop a successful program, which could have served as a model for caring for children at risk throughout the country. The very precipitous decision by the judge to place the kids in an institution literally happened from 1 day to the next.
In spite of going through this very traumatic time the children are doing well and are all together, praise God. We are staying involved with our kids and will help in any way we can. We are currently helping the new institution by sending our own technical staff and two of our care givers to help with the kids. It gives us some peace of mind to know the children are in good hands with familiar faces and caring hearts. We are hopeful that our staff will be able to obtain full time employment. We know that God has a plan for each of our children, please join us in praying for them and our care givers as we continue to move forward.  
On a positive note, we are committed to serving children at risk and at the beginning of this year began a mission to in the providence of Esmeraldas. We are working in rural areas with no electricity or running water. The kids don’t have much clothing, are undernourished, and have no formal education. Rocio Castillio (many of you know her from her work at medical outreaches) was a full time employee at La Esperanza and a member of our church for many years. She obtained her degree in psychology and has a heart for children. Rocio felt called to minister and we sent her to work full time to reach out to the children in Esmeraldas. She is demonstrating the love of Jesus and teaching them Bible principles and basic life skills. The work she is doing for the people there is truly amazing!
 We will continue to keep you informed about the kids as well as new projects we are investing in through La Esperanza. We are grateful for all of your prayers and financial support through the years and we want to encourage you to continue supporting the children in Ecuador. Lives have been changed because of you!
John Guido

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