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The Guabo, with a population of 35,000, is located in the Province of El Oro and its main activity is banana production. Eleven years ago, the church started under the leadership of the missionary Raul Bonifaz in the Banana Plantation of Hugo Correa with only 10 young people and 20 adults, who were mainly workers; 20 minutes away from the city of Guabo.
Today, we have around 600 members and have raised two strong leaders: Gregorio Saldaña y Alfonso Beltran, who have been working with Verbo churches around the area. Currently, Fabricio Fernandez is the presiding elder and the church has ministries for women, men, children and youth; including a Compassion International. Our meetings are on Sundays, at 9am and 7:30pm.





¡Manta me encanta! (I love Manta!) This is the motto of Manta because of its beautiful people, delicious food and gorgeous beaches and landscapes. All this, along with unique weather and its location in the middle of the coast of Ecuador, has allowed Manta to become an important port city with appoximately 280,000 people.
After hearing God’s calling for a life of service to Him, Fabian and Clara Molina and their 3 daughters, settled in Manta with the purpose of starting a congregation. Verbo-Manta started in 2006 with a small congregation that has been growing steadily since.
We have three home-churches, where people share and develop their relationship with God and others. We have partnered with Global Health Outreach to have a medical brigade every year in October. They not only bring health care to the people in Manta, but also a message of love and hope to many families that come and respond to the message of salvation.
Despite the short time Verbo Manta has been around, it has now spread to the city of Chone, fertile county located in the northern part of the Manabí province. It is a place characterized by their rich culture and folklore and people passionate for God’s Word.





Gualaquiza is a small town of around 15,000 people in the southern part of the Ecuadorian jungle, on the border with Peru. we started planting this church in 2007. For almost four years we have been working at building a family where you can feel God’s love despite the ethnic differences and tough racial environment.
We have started a worship team, Sunday school, and 4 home-churches in the city. Our Sunday service is active and vibrant. We have different ministries which have held different events for children, marriages and the indigenous group “Shuar.” We often host around 20-40 doctors from the United States who come on medical campaigns to provide health care to the people in Gualaquiza supporting our deepest desire: to see Gualaquiza’s people transformed, living under the guidance of the Lord.





This city is 20 minutes north of Cuenca with a population of 30 thousand people was in the prayers of many of us, including Emma Carpio and Monica Mena. In November of 2005 we started to hold a home group in Monica’s home. People showed much hunger for God’s word, and the group grew rapidly into 2 home groups.  
Even though the church is young, on March 2006, we held a special “Invite a Friend” night where 110 people attended; the majority of them were new. The church did a great job with all the decorations and sound system. On June of the same year, we shared the “Welcome to Verbo” course with the help of Gustavo León. On the next month, 6 people were baptized in water. And finally Sunday November 12th our first anniversary was celebrated with our first Sunday meeting!





Compassion started in the house of Dr. Hugo Correa in the center of the city of Guabo, with around 60 children. Now we have 502 children. There are two hundred and seventy children in Guabo, two hundred in Pasaje and thirty two in Barbones. Having this ministry has been of great help for the growth of the church because of how it has impacted the city. In June, Compassion International will open in Santa Rosa with 100 children.




Santa Rosa, a county in the Province of El Oro is located 20 minutes away from the border with Perú and produces mainly banana and shrimp and host one of our planted churches.
The church in Santa Rosa started 2 years ago with two key people: Anita Condo y Paola Avilés. Alfonso Beltran was sent to preside over this church in mid 2010. We have now several ministries: Worship, men’s, women’s and youth. Santa Rosa hosts a Medical Brigade in October every year, which keeps impacting the city.




Ponce Enriquez is a county in the Province of Azuay. It is mainly a mining city and it's main mineral is gold. It has a population of around 10,000 people. It is a city where there is much need due to the of the lack of Christian churches.
The church started in 2009 with around 15 to 20 people. The Medical Brigades of the United States that had come to the city on several occasions and had impacted the city. We now have a home church that started in November 2010.  Xavier Fárez is in charge of this church with the covering of Alfonso Beltran. We continue to host Medical Brigades once a year.




Vilcabamba is an agricultural town known for their high life expectancy. In 2005, thanks to the impact of the yearly medical brigades brought to this city, 15 people under the leading of Marlon Quevedo started the first home church. Four years later, Alfredo Elizalde took the baton from Marlon and he now leads a group of 25 people who meet on Saturdays at 5:30pm at Jorge’s house.
Also since the end of 2009, Alfonso leads a home church of 30 people in Malacatos, a very touristic city 15 minutes away from Vilcabamba. This congregation is mainly families who have seen the need to start a ministry for children and their parents. They also have a ministry for women. The women of the church are starting prayer and intercession meetings.
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